Company profile


Company Profile

CHIPGUEST was established in 2014.It is one of the branch of  Shenzhen Hechuang  Co ltd.It is an agent distribution company integrating R&D and sales. It has established branches in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Beijing, Jiangsu and Wuhan. One of China's large-scale spot distributors, a professional distributor of embedded system application components.To learn from enterprising, dare to innovate, and sustainable development.

Operating products

We are agent of these famous and original brands electronic components: Altera, XILINX, AMD, AD, ATMEL, ST, FSC(fairchild), IR, NXP, TI, ON, TOS(Toshiba), RENESAS, VISHAY, NEC, SHARP, JRC, POWER, COSMO, EL(Everlight), liteon, NS, etc.

Product Usage

Products are Widely used in many field of mechanical equipments 2G . 3G 4G  service equipments .Smart home .train equipments .projects railways .automobile .medical equipments electronic computers .instruments and meters ,precision instruments .etc.

Company mission and philosophy

Integrity-base .Qulity first .solving customerss hurry things the best efficiency of doing things .Making it easier that electronic components are purchased .Building a service team with fidelity solidarity and having strong cohesion power .

company background

Associator unit of the Chinese Semicondutor Industry Association .Associator Unit of Shenzhen Foreign trade chamber of commerce .Director unit of Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of  Commerce .High-grate associator of Shenzhen bvior credit circle and Shenzhen Associator unit of Shantou , Shenzhen Trade Chamber of Commerce .

Company operations

The company has advanced PLM, ERP, SCM, CRM management system to ensure that our customers have no worries in product consultation, procurement, ordering and use! In addition, the company has independent import and export management rights.

Complete customs clearance system such as China's electronic port to ensure the smooth flow of roads at home and abroad! Ensure that customers who urgently need to transfer goods from abroad receive the goods in the shortest possible time.

Company commitment

Quality assurance, strict implementation of the national "three guarantees" policy. Technical support, professional engineering team on-site service. it will provide 365 days warranty period.

company advantage

1. Has a large number of senior procurement team, once served as Fuchang, Dalian University, Arrow PM, 10 years of senior inspectors.

2. 15 million online actual inventory, 80,000 stocks, online procurement transparent and efficient, timeliness can be shipped the same day.

3. 1000+ development board/sample free trial, fully support hardware development.

4. 100+ technology big cattle online answer questions, and help the user grow.

5. Accurate promotion of domestic devices and efficient matching of big data applications.

6. Accurate promotion of domestic devices and efficient matching of big data applications.

7. The platform is self-operated, real shots are in stock, and stocks are hot.

.Strict quality control, ISO9001 quality management system.

CHIPGUEST  foreign trade sales contact

Russian sales OLga                                                               English+Russian Sales  

Tel: 86-0755-82709419                                                         Phone: 82559945

Mobile: 13113665698                                                           Mobile: 15917409236

QQ: 2851051966                                                                  QQ: 2851051969

Email:                                               Email:

Skype: 2bf5c31c678fc033                                                     Skype: +8615811836960                                    +8615817409236

Ali account number:                                                            Ali account number: cn1524684335ismy

English sales Miko lam                                                         General Manager: KEN LIN

Tel: 0755-88608375                                                              Tel: 0755-88603371

Mobile: 13510553435                                                           Mobile phone: 13662229406

QQ; 540362292                                                                    QQ: 2851391920

E-mail: 540362292@QQ.COM                                              Email :POSTMASTER@CHIPGUEST.COM

Skype:                                                 Skype: 13662229406

Ali account: cn1524391764waor                                         Ali account: baoyekji


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