Введение бренда, founded in 1999, is an authorized e-commerce distributor of electronic components featuring over one million part numbers for purchase exclusively over the internet. The site features over 350,000 in-stock part numbers from a selection of more than 250 premier brands like Mean Well USA. We offer a one-stop shop offering customers a broad product offering spanning active, passive, interconnect, and electromechanical. Users can search this vast inventory of product by part number, keyword, product category, or manufacturer. WHAT SETS US APART? IP&E FOCUS Interconnect. Passive. Electromechanical. We specialize in these commodities. Connectors, resistors, capacitors, relays, switches, and power supplies are part of our wide-ranging inventory of parts. For an extensive array of IP&E components shop with us! BROAD LINE CARD is dedicated to offering a comprehensive line card to our customers. Our supplier index includes over 300 premier brands comprising over 2 million part numbers available for sale right here on our website! GLOBAL FLAT RATE SHIPPING is committed to offering the most affordable shipping options no matter where our customers are located. No need to worry about inflated shipping costs as we offer FLAT RATES that let you know upfront what your shipping costs will be. 350,000 PART #'s IN STOCK availability of inventory in the IP&E space is unparalleled. A comprehensive offering of over 400,000 in-stock part numbers is available for immediate delivery. Browse our products by using our keyword/part number search or using our parametric search. COMPETITIVE PRICING is resolute in offering competitive “screen” prices to our customers. No hassles, no phone calls, the price you want available at your fingertips! This advantage coupled with our availability of inventory makes shopping easy. LOW MOQ limits the use of MOQ’s on products. Need a “broken” package or only part of that REEL? Not a problem…whenever we possibly can we try to offer customers a low order minimum. We offer over 1 million part numbers with an MOQ of 1.

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