about chipguest

ChipGuest specializes in the trade of integrated circuit components of different models and brands, and is the best partner for global electronic processors.

development path


2021 Start to go fission mode to create an amoeba business model


2020 Shenzhen Xidesheng Electronics changed to Shenzhen Xinke Xincheng Technology Co.,Ltd,Comprehensive layout of spot distribution business.


2015 Shenzhen Hechuang Lianwin Technology Co., Ltd. was established and started to layout in China terminal customer.


2014 Shenzhen Xidesheng Electronics Co., Ltd. was established as a customer-oriented, small company mainly for domestic factory customers.


2013 Shenzhen Shuangxibaoye Electronics Business Department was established, mainly for external procurement.


2012 Hong Kong Bao Ye Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established, mainly for foreign trade.

ChipGuest's Company Culture

Corporate Values.

Integrity and win-win, ultimate
innovation, achievement and a
ltruism, self-discipline
when responsible

Enterprise Vision

To create a global electronic
 trading industry symbol to
become the best partner of
global electronic
processing factories


Let the company become a 

platform for the right employees 

to become partners to create 50 

Amoeba partners

Enterprise heart

Cooperation, Innovation, 

Joint-heartedness and Win-win