Image Part Number Manufacturer Description Package Stock Price Notes Request For Quotation
KL1119 Kinglight KL1119 is a phototransistor coupler (DC) in a LSOP5 package. LSOP5 1000 active Inquiry
KL4N38 Kinglight KL4N38 is a photo transistor coupler (DC) in a DIP6 package. DIP6 1000 active Inquiry
KL357NU Kinglight KL357NU is a photo transistor coupler (DC) in a SOP4 package. SOP4 1000 active Inquiry
KL101U Kinglight The KL101U is a photo transistor coupler (DC) in an LSOP4 package. LSOP4 1000 active Inquiry
KL3H7U Kinglight The KL357NL is a sophisticated component designed for high-performance electrical systems requiring precision, reliability, and versatility. SSOP4 1000 active Inquiry
KL357NL Kinglight The KL357NL stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of electrical interface solutions, offering unmatched performance and reliability. SOP4 1000 active Inquiry
KL2514 KingLight The KL2514 stands out in the realm of photo transistor couplers, particularly in applications requiring AC inputs. DIP4 1000 active Inquiry